ArchZine was born on February 2007 as a Bulgarian blog for architecture, design and technology.
Since then the site has grown to be one of the most recognizable blogs in Bulgaria in the field of architecture, furniture and interior design and has been read by more than 1 million unique visitors worldwide. It has been used for connecting designers with manufacturers, a forum for sharing ideas related
to a given category and, of course Inspiration.

ArchZine first started as a hobby and since then it turned out to be a great help to reveal the world of architecture, furniture and interior design, technology and ecology and share the finds with family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and visitors.

ArchZine is an online magazine and at this point doesn’t sell, buy or design any of the mentioned materials in the articles.
Please review the given link in each of the articles (orange text) to review the site of the original
creator/designer/inventor/manufacturer/seller of the product.