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    Electricity and light planning for a perfect interior design

    Have you ever actually considered the real effect of room lighting? Along with its general illumination purpose, it can be an exquisite eyecatcher that strongly influences the room atmosphere, and hence our well-being. Sometimes only through the right lighting could rooms fully unfold...

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    The big variety of wallcovering designs

    There are plenty of amazing wallcovers on the market. Each one of the designs has its own characteristics, such as colorfastness, wash ability, stain and abrasion resistance, etc.  When you buy a wallcovering product, it is recommended to take a look at the sample book or the label in order to...

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    Homify, inspiration living

    In recent months there has been a new movement in the world of user-based design and construction portals. Through the mist has come a new face to the scene, offering a much needed new approach to users and professionals in the field alike. Its name: homify. Homify is a Berlin based international...

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    Set up your own home GYM in 3 easy steps

    3 Easy Steps To Set Up Your Own Home GYM –Make it a part of your home interior! Step 1. Try to find a space in your home that you will be able to dedicate to your workouts. First of all you need to decide where will be your future home GYM. The spare office, bedroom or even a patio or back porch,...

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    Letterbox house by McBride Charles Ryan Architects

    The Letterbox house is quite the unusual form that resembles a work of art and that begs the question - is it actually functional to be a home.