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    Disconnected Undercut for Men – Inching it Down with Style

    The undercut’s cool and contemporary look makes it hard to believe that it’s over a century old. In fact, its origins can be traced back to the late 1800s, when German men began styling their hair in what was then known as an “Inselhaarschnitt” or island cut. It was called...

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    70 + Living Room Color Ideas for a Stylish, Modern Home

    The living room is the heart of our home – it is where we invite our guests and where the whole family comes together to relax and enjoy each other’s company. As such, it gives us the opportunity to create a cozy living space for ourselves, while expressing our unique personality to...

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    140 Rockabilly Hair Ideas: Inspired from the 50’s!

    Rockabilly hair may have started out as a US trend in the distant 1950’s but it has since become hugely popular all around the globe. As it is very specific and requires some additional preparation, it can seem quite challenging to achieve at home. This shouldn’t put you off, however...

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    80 + DIY Christmas Gifts with 5 Tutorials and Many Festive Ideas!

    November has arrived and Christmas seems to be just around the corner. For many, this is a source of joy mixed with a tiny bit of anxiety – there is so much to prepare, so many gifts and decorations to buy! A small token for the neighbors next door, some festive treats for the...

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    80s Fashion – Total Disaster or Genius Style?

    80s fashion is fondly remembered for introducing quite a few unusual clothing trends, complete with shrill hairstyles and countless neon accessories. However, there is more to the decade than perms and shoulder pads – it was the heyday of several unique subcultures, most notably the Preps,...

Music festival outfits matching your zodiac sign

Music festival outfits matching your zodiac sign

Fashion is not only a sense of style. It’s like real science sometimes. You’ve may have mastered Coachella dressing, but that’s just the beginning of festival season. What will you wear to the other days (and days!) of concerts you have ahead? Try these genius outfit ideas based on your sign. Aries: You’re the zodiac’s warrior queen, Aries, so work the military-inspired staples into your style. Toughen up a floral sundress with combat boots and try them in white or classic Aries red. Gladiator sandals can also be swapped in on warmer days. A broken-in army jacket doubles as an […]