Recycled building material better than concrete

UK company Affresol has created a new building material called Thermo Poly Rock (TPR). The material is made from various selected waste products and results in a stronger than concrete, waterproof, fire retardant material that can be used to build low-cost modular housing. Other benefit than being recyclable, TPR is uses an avarage of 18 tons of garbage for one house, which can make some dramatic changes in landfills.

“Every country in the world has issues with waste and we now have an opportunity to turn waste into an enduring housing resource that is 100% recyclable.” – Ian McPherson, Affresol.

TPR is cold-produced from waste products mixed with resin and polymers which can then be poured into molds like concrete. Once cured, the company says that TPR offers great thermal insulation, is not subject to insect infestation or rot, does not leach any dangerous chemicals, and is 100% recyclable. The company also states that TPR panels have better flex and tensile characteristics than concrete, and the panels can be manufactured to different grades of strength.

The fact that the material is waterproof makes TPR easy to use in the building process and can be put up all year round. The panels are molded in the factory, then transported to the desired location and the building process itself is no longer than a week. According to Affresol, houses built with TPR panels also cost less than traditional building methods.

Being environmentally friendly and cheap, the material can be used by not only the wealthy, but for the rest of the people.

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