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In recent months there has been a new movement in the world of user-based design and construction portals. Through the mist has come a new face to the scene, offering a much needed new approach to users and professionals in the field alike. Its name: homify. Homify is a Berlin based international company, made up of a young and dynamic team, that connect architects, interior designers, builders, landscape gardeners and construction experts with design addicts across europe; providing them with inspiration, ideas and tips for their homes. Homify inspiration living The aim of the online portal is given in the name – home + modify = homify – and gives users ideas on everything from flooring and furniture to gardens and gables. Homify has thousands of construction and design professionals, from all across Europe, who post their projects on the website; allowing users all over the world to look at and admire their work – they can even use pictures of their work in their own personal ‘ideabooks’, to give other users ideas too. One of the most distinctive features, of the portal, is its international presence. The pages and projects are a mixture of galleries and images from all over Europe: offering users a really broad selection of design and construction examples; providing inspiration from all over and not necessarily just from their own county. Users can also contact professionals directly if they are interested in hiring them Homify inspiration living The portal is completely free to both professionals and users. Signing up only takes a few click and you’re ready to get started. Browse thousands of pictures in stunning quality and compile them into an ‘ideabook’ of your own or upload your own projects as a professional. But that’s not all, homify’s editorial department write daily articles on the project of professionals, home ideas, design tips and quite a lot more, whilst posting them on social media regularly. The editorial department aims to create an online community of design and construction fanatics that actively share their ideas with one another – and with so many out there, what’s not to like!   Homify inspiration living

Set up your own home GYM in 3 easy steps

3 Easy Steps To Set Up Your Own Home GYM –Make it a part of your home interior!

Luxury Home Fitness Gym Step 1. Try to find a space in your home that you will be able to dedicate to your workouts. First of all you need to decide where will be your future home GYM. The spare office, bedroom or even a patio or back porch, are all good places for exercise and getting in shape. If there is no a spare room, try to use a small area in your home that can double as your workout space will do. fitness room at home Step 2. Make a good Home Fitness Feng Shui. It’s necessary to make your space as light and airy as possible if you really want to boost your energy level during your workouts. Best fitness room or space should be bright as much as possible and need lots of natural light coming in from doors and windows. If there is no natural light you can add some mimic recessed lighting with tap lights or a few lamps that use soft white bulbs. Boosting the oxygen level is necessary so bringing some plants in the will help a lot. Another important thing is to clear your new home GYM of clutter and distractions-also try to remove all gizmos, gadgets, papers and all other items that might call your attention away from your workout.   home fitness center Step 3. Let’s stock your Home GYM

Use calories calculator to calculate your calories

You really don’t need expensive equipment to make your home training spot an effective place to exercise. We will recommend you some inexpensive and well working equipment for your home fitness. -          Foam rollers -          Jump ropes -          Calories calculator -          Set of dumbbells -          Set of resistance bands -          Balance discs We want to noticed that you don’t have to buy all equipment at once. You can shop at used stores or garage sales, or just swap out with friends and rotate equipment for free.When you are done with your new home interior changes, be sure to put your home gym to good use Just like a real gym, it won’t do you any good if you don’t regularly visit it. source:  calories calculator

Collector’s Loft by UNStudio

UNStudio explored the idea of merging an exhibition space and living apartment to result in this interesting and unusual loft in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York. Read More »

Church converted into a stylish home

There are some old, but still beautiful churches around the world, that aren’t cared for and will soon fall victim to the elements. A family in North Ireland have converted an old church in to a single family house, destroying very little of the facade feel and saving the architecture for future generations to see. Wohnideen – Interior design and Architecture Magazine Read More »